We are a force for childhood

Love is the warmth and light in which children’s little hearts, minds and bodies grow, develop and experience the world. When love is gone, the light goes out and their world turns dark. Pain, fear and isolation become the shapers of their childhood.

It’s our privilege to work to restore love to childhood through relationships that guide, support and have the power to help children heal. Loving relationships are their light out of the darkness.

Our work is love in action and our teams work with children, families, carers and professionals who share our passion and hope for these children.

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Where we work

Our trauma teams help children, families and carers, and support professionals throughout Australia, including remote and regional areas. Their collaboration with a network of adults and organisations focuses on creating an environment dedicated to the recovery and healing of children traumatised by abuse, neglect and family violence.

Explore our work by clicking on the locations below!

All of NSW
Alice Springs
Hobart, Launceston, Burnie
East + West Kimberley
  • Mitcham

    Child Trauma Service in Mitcham and Shepparton

    The Child Trauma Service (Victoria) supports children, young people, their parents, carers, and families to recover from the traumatic impact of abuse, family violence and neglect, through individual, dyadic and family counselling, along with therapeutic group programs. This program is funded by the Department of Families Fairness and Housing and operates in two locations in Mitcham and Shepparton.
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  • All of NSW


    OurSPACE provides specialist outreach therapeutic trauma support covering all of NSW for children and young people under the age of 15 years who live in Foster Care or Kinship Care and have experienced at least two placement changes in the previous six months.

    For referrals or general enquiries please call 1300 381 581 or email intakeourspace@childhood.org.au.
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  • Ringwood

    Popping Bubbles program for mums and bubs in Ringwood

    Trial of the Popping Bubbles program for women and their infants who have been affected by family violence, in partnership with the Eastern Domestic Violence Outreach Service in Ringwood.
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  • Warrnambool

    New family violence counselling programs in Ringwood, Warrnambool, Lilydale, Shepparton, Wodonga

    We have just started new family violence counselling programs for children right across Victoria. These new activities have been funded by the Victorian Government and are delivered in partnership with several agencies.
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  • Bairnsdale

    Trauma-informed care at a preschool in Bairnsdale, VIC

    Our Early Childhood Team is working with Gippsland and East Gippsland Aboriginal Cooperative (GEGAC) in their preschool centre to foster a trauma-informed and culturally strong approach to educating and supporting 3-4-year-old children.
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  • Canberra


    A team of 8 therapeutic specialists is providing training and supervision to more than 200 professionals and 400 carers in and around Canberra and its suburbs.
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  • Shepparton

    Providing therapy to children and young people who have engaged in problem sexual behaviour in Shepparton

    A specialist team running a therapeutic program for 15-18 children who have engaged in sexual behaviour that hurts other children has extended our service from Mitcham to now include Shepparton.
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  • Bundaberg

    Accrediting Bundaberg YMCA (QLD) as a Safeguarding Children Organisation

    All YMCA organisations nationally, including Bundaberg most recently in October 2017 have gone through our rigorous Safeguarding Children Accreditation system to reduce the likelihood of children being abused or exploited while in their care.
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  • Katherine

    Supporting Intensive Youth Support Service in Katherine

    One of our therapeutic specialists from Darwin travels to Katherine (a 3-hour drive) every fortnight to spend three days supporting Anglicare NT’s Intensive Youth Support Service Workers.
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  • Adelaide

    Providing therapeutic care in partnership with our partners Junction Australia in Adelaide.

    Our Adelaide Child Trauma Counselling Service provides specialist therapy and trauma-responsive group programs to children and their families who have experienced multiple trauma in their lives.

    Our team of Senior Advisors also undertake training, reflective practice and supervision for professionals and carers supporting children and families impacted by trauma around Adelaide and throughout South Australia.
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  • Albury

    Working in partnership with foster carers and residential care workers in Albury/Wodonga

    A trauma team of four staff in Albury/Wodonga supports foster carers and residential care workers who are looking after children and young people who cannot live at home for fear that they will be abused again.
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  • Darwin

    Our Strong Ways Program in Darwin, Katherine, Tennant Creek and Nhulunbuy

    We support children and young people at risk of or engaged in the youth justice system to change their life trajectories.
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  • Alice Springs

    Working with NPY Women’s Council in Alice Springs, NT

    Working in partnership with the Domestic Violence Team to develop a new approach to preventing family and community violence in remote communities across the NT, WA and SA borders.
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  • Hobart, Launceston, Burnie

    Family violence counselling for children in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie

    12 counsellors providing specialist family violence counselling to children and young people across Tasmania in a program supported by the state government. Each counsellor provides up to 3 hours of counselling per week for 10-14 children and their families.
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  • Perth

    Our therapeutic, culturally strong care program for grandparents, aunts, uncles and extended families in Perth

    Our Perth Child Trauma Counselling Service provides specialist therapy and trauma-responsive group programs to children and their families who have experienced multiple trauma in their lives. We also undertake training, reflective practice and supervision for professionals and carers supporting children and families impacted by trauma throughout Western Australia.
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  • East + West Kimberley

    Broome, Derby and surrounds

    We work in partnership with CenterCare and Derby Aboriginal Health Service to promote placement stability, safety and wellbeing for children and young people.
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  • Brisbane

    Trauma training to drug and alcohol workers in Brisbane

    Trauma training to 150 drug and alcohol workers to enable them to better support young people to find comfort in the relationships around them and stop using harmful substances.
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Creating a brighter future

Loving, positive relationships have the power to transform a child’s experience of childhood and shape their entire life. Help us to create brighter futures for children.