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Our vision is to defend the right of all children to a safe and loved childhood.

We do everything we can to bring love back to children affected by the trauma of child abuse and family violence.


We are a Force for Childhood

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We Help Children Heal

On their own, children do not recover from the devastating impact of abuse, neglect and family violence. They need specialised support to heal. We provide therapeutic services to children.

We Keep Children Safe

We build the ability and confidence of individuals and organisations to protect children. We provide parents with education and support to help them raise happy, safe and loved children.

We Stand
Up for

We advocate for changes to laws and policies that help to make all children safer. We work to strengthen community attitudes that prioritise the rights of children to love and safe relationships.

We Create Understanding For Children

We educate and support adults who look after and work with traumatised children to be better able to understand and respond to their complex needs.


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Love is at the heart of everything we do. It’s important we talk about what love really means in children’s lives. When we stand for children, we recognise their need for love. Let’s show children they are important and that love matters. This is the start of a new conversation on how we can come together for children. Join us and #Defend Childhood!

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Wear your heart on your hand, and take a picture!

Step 2

Post your heart on social media with #DefendChildhood. Become visible as a Defender.

Step 3

Fundraise, donate or register as a Defender. Your donations and the action you inspire will help children heal and keep them safe.



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