Children are at the heart of what we do

For over 25 years, Australian Childhood Foundation has been developing and delivering specialist therapeutic foster care programs in partnership with more than 30 out-of-home care providers across Australia.

We have been instrumental in pioneering therapeutic approaches in out-of-home care that lead to stability and connection in relationships, and support the wellbeing of children and young people.

Our journey of transforming lives through evidence-informed models has made us an international leader in the provision of therapeutic services for children, young people, families, carers, and communities.

In 2024, we are excited to announce that we have become a therapeutic foster care provider in Western Australia.

We are committed to improving outcomes for children and young people in our care. Our approach focuses on understanding and responding to their unique needs, strengths and cultural identities.

After decades of supporting thousands of foster carers, children and young people across Australia, we have learnt about what makes the difference in achieving the best outcomes for children and young people.

For us at the Foundation, it is all about the quality of relationships.

Children and young people who have experienced trauma need relationships with carers that are safe, adaptable, flexible, fun and nurturing. We offer support that is responsive and adapts to the changing needs of children and carers. 

We believe in true partnership with carers, valuing their knowledge and expertise recognising that the people closest to the child know them best. With the right support and training, it is the relationship between carers and the children they care for that truly changes lives. 

Why foster with us?

What makes us different
Foster caring changes lives
We care for our carers
Children need stability

How we will support you

Embark on this journey with us, knowing we’ve got your back every step of the way.

When foster carers are supported to understand what has happened to the children they care for and how to make sense of the behaviours being expressed, they are able to respond to the child’s needs for healing with confidence and love.

Our Therapeutic Team

Every foster family has a specialist team around them to provide tailored practical, therapeutic, and cultural support through to information sharing and specialist foster carer training.

We have a multidisciplinary team of care coordinators, therapeutic specialists, cultural leaders, educators, counsellors, and carer support.

Image: the OurSPACE WA team

Foster carers will also have access to:

  • After-hours on-call support 24/7 provided by experienced and trained staff
  • Specialist counselling and support for personal issues and stressors through OurSPACE WA
  • Foster carer peer support groups and social events
  • Specialist foster carer training and development
  • Cultural support for foster carers and children
  • Carer allowance and financial support



Become part of our foster carer community

Opening your home and heart can change the lives of children and young people forever.

You can make a difference in the lives of children and young people by providing a safe, stable, and loving family and home that enables them to play, grow and thrive.

All children need to feel safe, respected and loved, and that they belong. In our therapeutic foster care program, we will work together to make this happen.

Our goal is that all children receive a therapeutic approach while they live in foster care to ensure that it’s a positive, life-changing experience for the child and their foster family.

Can I become a foster carer? 

  • If you are a compassionate person over 21 years of age, dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing environment for vulnerable children, you can be a foster carer.
  • You can be single, partnered, with children or without.
  • You can be a foster carer no matter what your background is, or what community you come from.
  • We believe that it is your commitment to meeting the unique needs of the children and young people in your care that matters most.

It takes a village

Children and young people in foster care need strengthened relational networks that will journey with them over their lifetime. 

From long term, short term to short break care, there are many ways you can make a difference.

Long term care

Short term care

Short break care

Our commitment to culturally strong care

Australian Childhood Foundation has a longstanding relationship with Dr Glenda Kickett, CEO of Karla Kuliny Aboriginal Corporation. In partnership we have developed and are delivering culturally strong, therapeutic care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Western Australia.


We exist to protect children and restore childhood through the power of love.

Together with committed carers, we can build safe, strong and adaptable connections and environments for children and young people, and see them grown into happy, stable and loving adults.



Join us today


Our friendly and helpful foster care specialists are ready to answer your questions. Whether you’re looking to begin the carer journey or want more information, we’d love to hear from you. Email our team, call us on (08) 6244 6508 or submit our contact form below.

* Names have been changed to protect the identities of children. Thank you for your understanding and support. If you, or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 000 and ask for Police. For confidential support regarding family and domestic violence, please call 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732).