CEO Message December 2021

IMPACT Newsletter December 2021


Dear supporters, 

It has been an incredible year full of transitions. The changes to our lives arising from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected children and young people in so many ways. Unfortunately, it has been even harder for children and young people who have experienced trauma arising from abuse and violation. 

We know that for all children, and particularly those who have experienced constant uncertainty, challenge or trauma, any change at all can feel threatening. Unpredictability causes children affected by violence to feel even more confused, more worried and less trusting.  

It is why the greater community awareness there is about child abuse and ways to protect children, the more compassionate and understanding adults are when it comes to responding with re-assurance and care to children and young people affected by the trauma of violence. 

Sadly, in Australian Childhood Foundation’s recently released Unseen and Ignored research, child abuse ranks lower than problems with roads and public transport as a community concern. In over 18 years that this research has been carried out, child abuse has always rated almost last as a serious problem for adults. The community often denies how serious it is.  

We still have a great deal of work to do to help the community to understand more about the problem of abuse and be prepared to act when children are at risk of violation. 

 As one of our supporters, you have already taken the first step in standing up for children.   

Because of you, we adapted the way we were able to offer our specialist support to traumatised children and young people. It has been complicated, with work often done online. It has meant that we have had to be even more careful about  identifying and evaluating the risks of further abuse that often confront the children and young people we support. We have had to ensure that children and young people have remained safe and their living circumstances stable.  

With your generous donations, we have made a real difference to so many hurt children and young people. On any given day, we have provided specialised therapeutic trauma counselling to approximately 1,000 children and young people each day over the last year. More children who have experienced affected by the pain, fear and confusion of abuse and violence have begun to experience trusting relationships they need to begin to terrifying fear and trauma were provided with the tools they needed to start to heal the harm they have lived through. If you want to learn more about our impact this year, please read our report. 

You have also supported our Target partnership by purchasing our gingerbread pyjamas. With $2 from the sale of each set being donated to support our Bringing Up Great Kids Program, you will be helping us make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable children and families. 

We appreciate your help to get us closer to reaching our Christmas Appeal goal. Your generosity has meant the world to children and young people. They have started to let trust fill them up again. They have been able to believe that the abuse is finally over. They have begun to experience a future that is no longer defined by what they have been through.  

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to donate there is still some time, please consider making a donation to give one of the most important gifts you can give this Christmas.

Without people like you, our positive impact would not be possible. We have been able to achieve so much because of your help.  

Thank you for bringing hope and healing to so many hurt and vulnerable children across Australia.  

I hope that you and all the children and young people in your life have a safe start to the new year.   

Dr Joe Tucci 


If would like to contact Australian Childhood Foundation directly you can email or call us today.