Sleep tight knowing you are making a difference

Every child has a right to sleep safely at night. Our partner Target agrees and has launched matching PJ’s for the whole family this Christmas to raise money to support vulnerable children and young people.

With each purchase Target is donating $2 towards our Bringing Up Great Kids program.

Target will also be selling Chrsitmas tote bags and Santa sacks, donating $2 from every purchase towards our Bringing Up Great Kids program. Bringing Up Great Kids is a program run by Australian Childhood Foundation that aims to support parents and families. It focuses on building positive and nurturing relationships between parents and their children.

Together, Target Australia and Australian Childhood Foundation will reach at-risk parents to support them in developing mindful and reflective approaches with the children in their care.

What is Bringing Up Great Kids?

Being a parent is the most important job you can do. It can last a lifetime. You don’t have to know everything all the time. In fact, children and parents learn from each other. The more we can understand children, the more we can help them grow and develop.

Our Bringing Up Great Kids program supports parents and carers to build loving and nurturing connections with their children.

Free Resources for Parents and Careers

I need you A-Z BUGK e-book download button
I need you A-Z Booklet For Understanding Your Baby’s Needs

Written from a baby’s point of view, I need you A-Z Booklet is a great resource designed for parents/carers of babies and infants. This popular booklet is a great tool in supporting parents to understand how babies and infants communicate about their needs. Set out as an A-Z Guide, it is a warm and very engaging resource that parents have loved.

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Mindful Parenting booklet download button with female and young girl
Mindful Parenting

Parenting can be one of the most exhausting, challenging, and frustrating tasks that we will ever undertake. Yet it can also be the most rewarding, exciting and satisfying challenge we ever take on. It’s also the one for which we can feel least prepared. As a parent, you can feel pushed and pulled in many directions. This booklet is filled with ideas and strategies to support you to be mindful and reflective in your parenting. It offers you some ways to understand how you are parenting in the middle of all these demands.

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