The research we conduct creates a strong base of evidence to support change for children that makes them safer and better helps their recovery.

Partnership with a range of institutions in Australia and around the world, including Queensland University of Technology, University of North Carolina (USA), University of Boston (USA) and the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, (USA) and regular research into community attitudes and beliefs about children, child abuse and child protection, help us:

  • understand the causes and consequences of abuse on children, families and the community;
  • better support parents and families to raise happy and confident children;
  • develop new counselling programs and techniques that help children to recover from the trauma of abuse;
  • work to build the capacity of organisations to be child-safe;
  • advocate for reform of state and national government policies to enhance the safety and wellbeing of children in Australia; and
  • create our community and professional education programs about child development, trauma, parenting support and child protection.

Recently, as the start of a longitudinal study, we began collecting data on the children from our programs around Australia – and the results tell us a very important story. Of the children currently being supported by the Foundation:

71% have statutory involvement (68% are on care and protection orders)

Over 70% were abused before 1 years old

Nearly 40% were abused for more than 5 years

20% have a disability (70% of these have an intellectual disability)

23% have a mental health diagnosis (over 50% are diagnosed as having ADHD)

16% have a medical diagnosis

Over 10% use illicit substances (overwhelmingly alcohol)

25% have no contact with a parent

Over 50% have had 3 or more placements

Nearly 50% entered care before 5 years of age

Nearly 40% do not live with their sibling(s)

Over 40% have poor or no contact with their sibling(s)

Over 10% cannot identify a friend

48% have been bullied

Over 30% have attended 4 or more schools

While devastating, this information is helpful to us in developing new and better ways to support these children, and merely strengthens our resolve to hold them in safety, soften their pain, lessen their fear and help their healing. Learn how, with your love in action, we make a difference in their lives.



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