Free Resource: Times Like These

IMPACT Newsletter April 2022


Helping you respond to children who feel affected by big world problems. 

Pandemic... War... Climate change. These big world problems are here. They fill up our newsfeed all day, every day.

Children know when these problems exist. If they are not directly tuned into news snippets, then they are watching the way adults are coping. They pick up on the suffering and uncertainty adults experience that go along with big world problems.

Our children try to make sense of problems because in human nature, that is what we all do. And, because children are trying to make sense of problems such as the pandemic, war and climate change, they need their adults’ support. This free resource gives you eight thoughtful and engaging ways for you to support children who feel affected by big world problems.

Click download to access the ‘Times Like These’ free resource developed by Chris Cullens, Senior Advisor, Therapeutic Services, Australian Childhood Foundation.

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