CEO Message September 2023

Impact Newsletter September 2023


Dear supporters,

As we look forward to the warmer months and leaving another winter behind, I hope you will join me in reflecting on what is yet to come. Your continued support enables the Foundation to provide much needed counselling to children and young people, whilst also guiding the important adults around them towards a journey of healing. I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for standing behind these children and our work. I'm pleased to share some fantastic upcoming opportunities to get involved with the Foundation

You can continue to support the Foundation by volunteering with us at the upcoming Spring Racing Carnival, if you are based in Melbourne or will be visiting in early November. These events are a fun and collaborative experience for friends or colleagues to directly contribute to the support we provide to children and families.

For anyone outside of Victoria, you can download and new tool designed to support children and encourage them to explore connections. This tool is well-suited to young children, ages 5-12, and invites them and their important adults to learn more about each other and deepen connections with one another.

Finally, I am pleased to share with you our latest blog focussed on leading with positivity, kindness and empathy.  It is my hope you will share our aims to connect communities with your family, friends, and networks to help us all to come together in support of children and their families.

With our warmest thanks,

Dr Joe Tucci

CEO, Australian Childhood Foundation

If would like to contact Australian Childhood Foundation directly you can email or call us today.

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