CEO Message April 2022

IMPACT Newsletter April 2022


Dear supporters, 

The first few months of 2022 have been a confusing, confronting and complex time for our communities.  

Our children and young people have had little to no break from a world that has been filled with a sense of danger and looming threat. For young children the stories of COVID-19, war and floods may even combine into one. 

Throughout these difficult times, it is the relationships around children that help them to make sense of it all. Relationships that make us feel safe and safety means everything to children, especially to those children that have experienced abuse and violence. They need people who are important to them to be safe and to be trustworthy. I personally cannot thank our supporters enough for continuing to put children and young people first. Our specialist therapeutic counsellors cannot have the impact they do without your ongoing help.  

I want to share with you a beautiful piece that has already helped numerous adults navigate these unsettling feelings of being surrounded by danger with children. Titled ‘Times Like These’, this resource provides you with ways you can help children make sense of the surrounding conflict and loss. I’d love to see this piece further help our community of supporters, just like it has helped our counsellors, so please share it with others you think would find it helpful.  

To further help children make sense of the surrounding conflict and loss, I’d like to share an article I wrote for KidsNews in March, ‘It’s normal to worry about all the bad news in the world right now’. The article delves into the compounding effects of each frightening event our children and young people are facing and helps them understand what they’re feeling. There are also activities for teachers and educators in the article, to help further discuss children's feelings.  

Advocating for children in the media is not something new for us but an area we are focusing on this year as it’s vital for progress. As we continue to amplify the voices of children and young people, we invite you to take a look at a collection of our thought pieces from the last 20 years.   

While the world is providing challenges, we do have positive pieces that Australian Childhood Foundation is proud to share.  

Our ambassadors and foundation partners, Yiayia Next Door, have released a heartwarming cookbook titled Yiayia Next Door. The cookbook features recipes from Yiayia’s kitchen where she cooks the most delicious meals she has shared with both Daniel and Luke from the kindness of her heart. In time for Easter, they have provided us with a recipe to share with you, a delicious traditional Easter Bread. Read more about the cookbook and download the recipe here. I know my family and I will be making it this Easter. 

Rosie Batty AO, Australian Childhood Foundation patron since 2019, has continued to work with us to ensure the community proritises children’s safety amidst the family violence. As Rosie continues to strive for change, we’re delighted to announce her support for our partner Target’s upcoming ‘All That She Is’ Mother’s Day Campaign. Target will be releasing new charity tote bags from April 7 for $15, where $2 of the sales will be donated to support our Bringing Up Great Kids (BUGK) program.  We’re thrilled to have Rosie’s support on the campaign, as she believes this initiative will really help support more families who critically need additional support.  

To close I’d like to say thank you. Thank you for being a proud supporter. A proud member of a community that stands up for the rights of children. Protecting children and young people from abuse and family violence. Without people like you, our positive impact would not be possible.  

With our warmest thanks,  

Dr Joe Tucci 

CEO, Australian Childhood Foundation 

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