Corporate Partners

Interested in getting your brand involved? 

Become a Corporate Partner and help create sustainable change in the fight against child abuse, violence and neglect.

Just as strong and connected relationships help children to thrive and grow, so too, are they fundamental to the cultural and economic wellbeing of organisations seeking to make a meaningful difference in the world.

A corporate partnership with the Australian Childhood Foundation is a considered and mutually beneficial relationship that is based on the shared goals of providing support for abused children and the building of a community willing to take a stand and protect childhood.   

Please contact Felicity O’Meara at or 0419 920 117 for partnership inquiries. 

To our current partners; our corporate community of like-minded, caring people, we say a heartfelt 'thankyou.'

Ernst & Young

Through EY's commitment to improving the lives of people in their communities, the Australian Childhood Foundation is very fortunate to be appointed as their local Victorian focus charity. EY and its people provide support through pro bono work, workplace giving, volunteering and fundraising.

Exhibitions and Events Australia

Exhibitions & Events Australia provides long-term investment funds directly to boost counselling for
hundreds of children around Australia. Through
their events, their partnership also enables
us to increase awareness of the issue of child
abuse, family violence and neglect.

Hill Street

Since 2013, Hill Street and the Nikitaras family that owns the business, have thrown their wholehearted, unwavering support behind the Foundation. They have shone a bright light on the issue of child abuse in their home state of Tasmania and are leading the charge to fund a state-of-the art Trauma Recovery Centre in Hobart. As well as being a major corporate partner, the Nikitaras family has also personally donated significant funds to support the Foundation's work.

Rothfield Print & Image Management

Rothfield Print & Image Management has not only supported the Foundation for the past decade with the production of our print communication, but has also made significant contributions to support our organisation, including the sponsorship of major events.

Tag Heuer

At the beginning of 2016, Tag Heuer welcomed the Foundation's Patron, Chris Hemsworth, to its family of international brand ambassadors. Through this ambassadorship, Tag Heuer has generously supported the Foundation financially through a series of events and activations.

Workplace Giving

Support our work, through yours

By donating even a small, regular amount through your pre-tax pay, you, your colleagues or staff can show children they are part of a community that cares about them and wants them to be safe and happy