Vale Joe Tucci

It is with the heaviest of hearts and deep sadness that we let you know that Joe Tucci, our CEO, passed away on Wednesday.  

Joe held two things dear to his heart – family and the rights of children. It is no surprise then that we so often talked about Australian Childhood Foundation as a family.  Relationships and connection were at the core of who Joe was and who we are. For this reason, we know his loss will be felt deeply. Joe meant something unique to all of us and we will all feel his loss in a range of ways.   

The Foundation was Joe’s life’s work.  His passion, heart and commitment to children and young people knew no bounds. This was reflected in all that he did and we did together.  He was a tireless and fearless advocate who felt deep compassion for rights and needs of children. He had a capacity for drawing like-minded people around him to create change that made lasting differences in the lives of children and young people. We will keep his legacy alive in what we will keep on doing each and every day.