Thank you from Janise Mitchell

I want to thank those of you who shared your kindness and support over the past several weeks since the passing of our CEO, and my friend, Joe Tucci. Receiving so many compassionate and thoughtful messages from across the world reminded me of the enormous impact Joe had on so many people. I am proud to be part of his continued legacy, working for this very special Foundation, championing the rights, safety and agency of children and young people.  

While these past weeks have of course been a challenging and painful time, we have also had the chance to reflect together as an organisation on many very special moments we have all shared with Joe, and heard from others about their memories as well.  

I will remember Joe as a kind and generous friend; gentle, but steadfast in his approach to advocating for and safeguarding children, always finding space for those who needed him. Joe helped us to build this wonderful family that is Australian Childhood Foundation by holding relationships and connection at the heart of all that we do.  

The work we do will continue, upholding the values, strength, and passion that Joe embodied. 

Thank you once again for your kindness and compassion. I know that together, we will continue the work that Joe held so closely to his heart, to create a world that is not only safe for children, but that sees and holds them as he did.  


Janise Mitchell 

Acting CEO, Australian Childhood Foundation.