‘Our Children’s Voices’ Project

Since our last conference, we have had many delegates tell us they wanted to support our work to provide love and compassion to children and young people who have been affected by the trauma of abuse and family violence. In particular, they were interested in joining our efforts to engage with children to encourage their participation in the co-designing and implementing of services for them.

We have been working on a number of tools that support children and young people to provide direct feedback about their experiences of trauma-informed services. Children have been involved in the way the tools have been conceptualised, built and reviewed.

Finding ways to hear the voices and views of children and young people using developmentally appropriate approaches is a challenge for many services. To help with this task, we have developed a Children’s Feedback Tool for children who are engaged in services supporting them as a result of being forced to live with family violence. The Tool, pictured below, has been trialled and revised with the input of children in a number of different services.

We are excited to make these tools available to other professionals, services and organisations in the near future.

To us, children’s rights are part of our DNA

We believe that ultimately children are best served by systems that are prepared to listen to them and commit to acting on their views and opinions.

We have so many more tools and ideas in the pipeline that will ensure that children are heard and their perspectives are understood. When developed, our aim is to share these with you and your organisations so that children have a strong voice in the practices that affect them, regardless of who is supporting them.

If you would like to support us to achieve this, you can make a donation to Our Children’s Voices Project, which will make possible the research with children and young people to develop these tools. If you would like to help us realise our vision for creating a world in which children are active in the decision-making for their own lives, you can make a donation as a once-off or you can sign up to a monthly donation debited directly from your account.

Thank you. We hope you enjoy the 2018 Conference.

Dr Joe Tucci