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Love is at the heart of everything we do. It’s important we talk about what love really means in children’s lives. When we stand for children, we recognise their need for love. Let’s show children they are important and that love matters. This is the start of a new conversation on how we can come together for children. Join us and #Defend Childhood!

Below are three easy steps to make an immediate impact.


Young girl with heart drawn on left hand

Step 1

Wear your heart on your hand, and take a picture!

Image of social post on a phone in front of an orange circle of a young girl with heart drawn on left hand

Step 2

Post your heart on social media with #DefendChildhood. Become visible as a Defender.



Ready to Get Started?

Charity raising funds page with image of progress bar and people who have donated

Step 3

Fundraise, donate or register as a Defender. Your donations and the action you inspire will help children heal and keep them safe.