One of the most important and generous gifts we can give is a gift to the future. A gift in your Will to Australian Childhood Foundation, means that your passion for helping the most vulnerable children will continue beyond your lifetime.

Your gift will help the children of tomorrow and give us the confidence to plan for our future work, funding new projects like research and development of new therapeutic techniques.

To discuss this important decision, suggested wording for your will, or to find out more, speak to our Bequest team today on 1300 384 581 or email: bequests@childhood.org.au. We will always respect your right to privacy and anonymity.

We’ve partnered with Gathered Here, a free and easy step-by-step online Will writing service. It can take less than 10 minutes to show your willingness to invest in a world where all children feel safe and loved.

Together we can give children the chance to feel as worthy and deserving as they are.

Elderly man embracing a warm hug with a young family member both smiling

Step 1. Speak to your family and loved ones

Young child in blue shirt watering a pot with a female and male watching with encouragement

Step 2. Decide the type of gift you would like to leave in your Will

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Step 3. Get the help of a professional solicitor

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Step 4. Make or amend your Will

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Step 5. Keep in touch

Recognising your generosity  

Please let us know that you are considering a gift in your Will. Your contribution is a precious gift to the future which we are honored to accept. Knowing about your intention in advance helps us plan for the future and allows us to celebrate your generosity in your lifetime. Of course, we always respect your right to privacy and anonymity. For a confidential discussion about leaving a gift in your Will please phone 1300 381 581 or email bequests@childhood.org.au 

Marian’s heartfelt decision to help those without a voice


Marian is a very special supporter of Australian Childhood Foundation. She has decided to remember the Foundation in her Will. We asked her to tell you about the very personal reasons for her decision.  

“I had a difficult childhood, and it left deep scars. When I was 23, my whole world collapsed. It all became too much to deal with and it was only then that I started counselling. Forty-six years later, I’m still in counselling today. It has been such a vital part of my healing and recovery. When I was thinking about what to put in my Will,

I looked back at my own childhood. I have a deep understanding of what abused children have to face, and I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I did. I have also experienced first-hand how counselling can heal the scars of abuse. For me, this happened much later in life. When a child has encountered violence, I believe that early intervention is key. I know that the Foundation works with young children early, to stop the cycle of abuse from snowballing. That’s why, after making provisions for my family, I decided to leave a gift to the Foundation in my Will. It is very important to me that my money is used to support something I am passionate about—and that it goes to a good place.”

“I can’t think of anything better than helping children who cannot speak for themselves. 

To speak with us confidentially about leaving a Gift in your Will to the Foundation, contact our Bequest team on 1300 384 581 or email bequests@childhood.org.au


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