Children remain at the heart of everything we do

We know children are currently experiencing a lot of fear, worry and anxiety as a result of big world problems.
Below you will find a number of resources we have produced to help parents and carers help support children and young people in making sense of some current world problems around them.

Things to look forward to after coronavirus activity icon

This activity gives children practical ways that they can reflect and discuss what life after COVID-19 can look like!

Theo and Matilda activity icon

Another heartwarming social story that highlights not just the things we have lost due to Coronavirus, but the important things we have found.

Bertrand and the Bored activity icon

Staying at home all the time can allow boredom to creep in. This story shows how imagination can overcome boredom.

Thank you activity resource

These posters are a lovely way to say thank you to all parents, carers, and teachers who have supported children and young people during COVID-19.

Shiny ordinary family moments activity icon

As restrictions start to ease, it is important to remember the shiny ordinary moments our children shared with us during COVID19.

hello and goodbyes activity icon

Here are two new posters for children to use to support them to say hello and goodbye in a COVID-19 world of physical spacing.

Silver linings in the time of coronavirus activity icon

Silver linings are opportunities to take note of hopeful or consoling prospects in times when life feels dark and heavy. This activity gives children practical ways to recognise experiences and outcomes that feel encouraging or comforting.

Hugs and helper friends activity icon

The hugs are back in town! And this time they have brought along their helpers. Here is another lovely story for children to help them realise there is always support and assistance available for them during difficult times.

Peek a boo faces activity icon

Our youngest children are seeing people all around them wearing masks. Here is our newest playful book that can help them make sense of it all.

Super heroes like us activity icon

Here is a lovely story that might help children understand that wearing a mask can make us all everyday super heroes!

counselling in the time of corona virus activity icon

Here is a poster for children to use to support them during counselling in a COVID-19 world of physical spacing.

Ellen the invisible caterpillar activity icon

This little book is perfect to read with children under 10 years of age who have lost a sense of safety at times in their day to day experiences.

Gordon the uncertainty giant activity icon

Dealing with the uncertainty of daily life in a pandemic is no picnic for children and families. It is because Gordon the Uncertainty Giant shows up and starts taking over. Here is our newest book that can help them make sense of it all.

Edna-May story icon

A true story about a little girl and a big virus.

This is the story of a girl who lived through a time when a terrible virus took over Australia. This happened more than one
hundred years ago.

Help us continue supporting children in isolation

The Foundation remains completely committed to supporting children to heal from the trauma of abuse and violence. It is more critical now than ever to stay connected with these children and we can only do this with your support. We understand that everyone is deeply feeling the pressures of COVID-19 but if you can support us, we would be truly grateful.

A message to our community

It’s important for us to let you know that we at the Foundation continue to remain completely committed to the children in our care. Like you, we face a great deal of uncertainty right now, however because of you and your continued willingness to stand by the children at the Foundation, we can continue to give these children the love and care they need. So thank you!

For the children we support, this uncertainty impacts them at a significant time in their lives. When children enter our care, as you can imagine, they are already in a battle. Children impacted by violence and neglect are already in environments where they experience high levels of stress and anxiety. At these times, the risk for children exposed to family violence or other forms of abuse is much greater.

Children must have safe and trusted adults in their lives. Loving adults who know how to provide them healing relationships. Thanks to you, our counsellors are able to be those very special adults.

At the Foundation, we are optimistic about what we all have to gain from this challenging time, and what we can do for children now to ensure they are protected.

For over 30 years, we have worked with childhood trauma and the anxiety and conflict that comes from this uncertainty and chaos. Experiencing the hope and love that can emerge from this, we truly believe it to be a moment in time where we can find deeper levels of community compassion for the lives of these children most at risk. This is an opportunity for us to open ourselves up to love and not shrink in fear.

We help children in our programs to find healing and to recover, to move beyond their experiences of trauma. They are able to reduce their senses of fear and anxiety. They are able to find calm, hope and all because they recognise for the first time who they are beyond their bad experiences.

This is a really important time for us all to hold on to the good in who we are and to come together to help those who need us.

For us, this will be to take care of our community in the best ways we know how.

Recently we had to increase the intensity of some of our programs to help at risk families impacted by the bushfires, and now with your help, donations and care we will continue to adjust our support to help families in this additionally uncertain and stressful period.

We will be sharing more with you on a regular basis as we work through this difficult time. It’s our priority to keep children safe and to be able to keep our service levels up with the increased need as it emerges.

“I genuinely feel that there is strength in our community even in the face of such uncertainty. We need to believe it first – so that our children can believe us as well.”

Dr. Joe Tucci

CEO, Australian Childhood Foundation