IMPACT Newsletter December 2020

Supporting healing through The Purple Teddy Club  

Would you be surprised to know that more than half of Australians do not have a Will and of those, almost 40% have no idea what happens to their assets in the event they pass away without a Will?* 

We have created the Purple Teddy Club so that our supporters can help future generations have safe and loved childhoods and grow up to lead happy lives – children like Ainsley. 

Six-year-old Ainsley’s story of heart-breaking trauma inspired both the creation of The Purple Teddy Club and club member, Marian 

When Ainsley’s dad died suddenly, and her mum was overwhelmed with grief—hardly speaking a word or even leaving her room. Ainsley was left all alone. But she had a friend in her Purple Teddy.  

This cuddly bear was Ainsley’s everything. They went everywhere together—her little hand clasping his furry paw. He told her, “Don’t be sad,” as she cried herself to sleep. He said, “I still love you”, when she felt like the world has turned its back on her. 

And Purple Teddy promised, “I will keep you safe,” when Ainsley’s mum got a new boyfriend. But one horrific night, the boyfriend attacked Ainsley’s mum and ripped Purple Teddy to pieces. Ainsley felt like her world had been torn apart. Without therapy, the trauma could have devastated her future as well as her childhood.  

In sessions with our specialist counsellor, Ainsley was encouraged to show what had happened to her using Purple Teddy. She wrote him a heartfelt letter and lovingly helped to stitch him back together. In the process, Ainsley stopped feeling like it was all her fault. And she started to understand that she too, with love and care, would feel better.  

Ainsley and her Purple Teddy demonstrate the healing power of our specialised therapy. But funding innovative and effective therapy for traumatised children takes the commitment of some very special supporters—the ones who kindly remember the Foundation in their Will. These special people, like Marian, form The Purple Teddy Club.  

Inspired by Ainsely’s story and the notion of supporting children who cannot speak for themselves, Marian decided to remember the Australian Childhood Foundation in her Will. As a very special supporter of the Foundation, Marian explained her decision to leave a lasting gift:  

“When I was thinking about what to put in my Will, I looked back at my own childhood. I have a deep understanding of what abused children have to face, and I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I did.  

I have also experienced first-hand how counselling can heal the scars of abuse. When a child has encountered violence, I believe that early intervention is key. I know that the Foundation works with young children early, to stop the cycle of abuse from snowballing. That’s why, after making provisions for my family, I decided to leave a gift to the Foundation in my Will. It is very important to me that my money is used to support something I am passionate about. ” 


Being part of The Purple Teddy Club means contributing a lasting legacy to the Australian Childhood Foundation and helping vulnerable children recover from the trauma of abuse and neglect. 

You can find out more about leaving a gift in your Will here, or alternatively you can contact us directly by emailing us or calling us today. 


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