As a staunch champion of children’s rights for many years I am very glad to have the opportunity to help in my own small way through regular donations to an amazing, compassionate, hardworking and dedicated organisation like the Australian Childhood Foundation.

I probably first became very concerned about the welfare of children generally when I had my own son, thirty five years ago now. It prompted me then to become a volunteer facilitator in the Holyoake Tots Program in Perth for children aged 4 – 7 from alcoholic families. I think it was then the only program of its kind in Australia. This was a total eye opener to me. Their stories on the one hand devastated me and on the other made me very angry and fuelled my determination and desire to help in some way. Also as I began to develop my stress therapy work I saw too the often terrible, long lasting impact that an abusive childhood could have on a life. I felt the injustice of it and that every child should have the right to a safe and happy childhood. And I felt the culpability of society in not doing more, turning a blind eye or simply not caring or actually being complicit in abuse. I felt that one of the hallmarks of a civilised society must be how well it looks after its more vulnerable people and that obviously includes children.

Supporting the wonderful work of the Australian Childhood Foundation gives me a feeling of empowerment, self worth and gratitude to be able to do something towards helping children who have suffered so much finally experience a life where they can love and be loved and the freedom and pleasure of just being children, It gives me a lot of happiness.