Dear Supporters,

We are almost halfway through 2021. All of us, but in particular children and young people continue to face a lot of uncertainty and disruption.

When children’s environments are not predictable, when there are threats of violence, they struggle. They find it hard to feel like they can trust the people around them to make the world feel safer again. Without safety, children find it hard to stay connected with people who can help them and care for them.

We have seen that the effects of violence on children and young people have been even more magnified as a result of COVID19.

This is where we the Foundation’s counsellors have had to adapt and support children in different ways. We have had to understand more about their real life experiences. We have had to listen even more closely to how their families have reacted to the pandemic. We have had to give them the chance to bring some of their fear and confusion about COVID19 into our conversations with them.

All of our work has been focused on making sure that children/s needs are visible to their broader network of close and important relationship of adults. It is only through this way that we have increased their need for protection and safety.

We have had to be slower and more patient with children and young people in our counselling and support with them.

There is still so much we need to achieve this year, and we need your support now, more than ever. Get involved in our 2021 Tax Appeal and help us to raise $64,875 to help our work to meet the needs of more children and young people as they heal from the trauma in their lives.

Every little bit counts. You can find out more about our appeal, the work we do and how to donate here.

Finally, I want to say thank you for your commitment to making the lives of children and young people who have experienced trauma a little more hopeful.

Dr Joe Tucci,


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