Janise Mitchell appointed as CEO

Janise Mitchell has officially been appointed CEO of Australian Childhood Foundation, following the passing of Dr Joe Tucci.

Janise and Joe worked closely together for over 28 years, driven by their passion and commitment to advocating for the rights of children. Having met early in their careers, as students of social work, Janise and Joe held a shared vision of a world built of communities holding children and young people at their hearts. Together, they have formed the strategies that has seen the Foundation grow to the organisation it is today; an international leader in models of prevention and repair of childhood trauma.

As a social worker and child rights advocate with extensive experience in child protection and therapeutic care, Janise has practised widely throughout her prominent career. She has published extensively in academic journals and edited books including the Handbook of Trauma-Transformative Practice: Emerging Frameworks for Working with Individuals, Families and Communities, and the Handbook of Therapeutic Care for Children: Evidenced informed approaches to working with traumatised children and adolescents in foster, kinship and adoptive care.

She is a thought leader in therapeutic out-of-home care, with her 2008 Master of Social Work exploring the best practice elements of therapeutic foster care and is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Southern Cross University.

As well as CEO of the Foundation, Janise will remain the Director for the Centre for Excellence in Therapeutic Care and will continue serving on the Board of the National Centre for Action on Child Sexual Abuse and on a range of National and State and Territory based Expert Panels and Advisory Groups.

Quote from Janise

“I want to thank our many supporters, donors and professionals who share our commitment to safeguarding and supporting children and young people. I look forward to continuing our work alongside each of you, as we move forward in this journey. Together, we can continue to promote and sustain safety and wellbeing throughout the communities we build around children and young people.”