ASC designing child safeguarding framework for sport

    We are very pleased to be working with the Australian Sports Commission to help empower and equip sporting organisations begin the work needed to create a healthy, safe culture that protects children in sport. The national Safeguarding of Children In Sports Strategy will be complemented by the development of a toolkit to help all sports at all levels improve their approach to child safety.

    Systems are losing focus on the rights of the child.

    The South Australian Coroner’s report into the death of 4 year-old Chloe Valentine calls for a complete overhaul of Child Protection services. Our CEO, Dr. Joe Tucci, says it is one of the most critical reports on child protection services in a long time, and some of the recommendations are definitely worth examining. Dr. Tucci says the Child Protection system has swung too far to the rights of parents, and has lost focus on the child.

    Foster care system needs more support and resourcing to keep children safe.

    The drowning death of little Braxton Slager-Lewin while in foster care is a tragic outcome in a system that is too often failing Australia’s most vulnerable children. Our foster care system is in crisis and change needs to happen urgently, says CEO Dr Joe Tucci. He told Dan Oakes of ABC’s 7:30 Report, “The resources that are available to support foster aren’t enough, and sometimes children aren’t getting the right kind of care.”

    One of the worst cases of child protection failure. Ebony should still be alive.

    Beautiful, four-month-old baby Ebony had 48 healing fractures when she was found dead at her home, failed by a system designed to protect her. “We need to ensure it cannot and does not happen again,” says our CEO Dr. Joe Tucci. “We need to be absolutely clear on what constitutes cause for serious concern around the safety of children and the resources, support and capability to act to protect them. The foster care system needs more support and resourcing to keep children safe.” Listen to Dr. Tucci’s interview with our Ambassador, Kim Napier.

    When it comes to parenting, trust your instinct and be comfortable with your choices.

    “It’s about being strong in your skin; it’s about being comfortable in your gut with what you want for your family,” says Pat Jewell, Team Leader of our Parenting Program. Pat’s speaking in an interview with Kinderling Kids Radio about creating your own, new, ‘family soup’ when you have a child, based on the routines, rituals and values of your own childhoods (both the ones you want to keep and the ones you want to discard). Pat says parents today are inundated with so many messages and opinions, but suggests you sift through it all and decide what’s right for your own family.