Community fundraiser spotlight: Ayesha’s shave

IMPACT Newsletter September 2022

At Australian Childhood Foundation, we’re very fortunate to have passionate regular givers and community fundraisers who help us continue our vital work supporting children, young people and families to heal from the trauma they’ve experienced. Our donors' generous support ensures their recovery is lasting and meaningful.


Without regular givers and community fundraisers support, we could not continue to save children, help them heal and feel safe,” Dr Joe Tucci, CEO Australian Childhood Foundation.

A regular giver since 2005, Ayesha’s strong connection to her family and the Foundation inspired her to hold a fundraising event and courageously shave her head. Ayesha’s incredible act motivated her family and friends to support her, resulting in $750 raised for the Foundation. A huge thank you to Ayesha, we love your new hairdo.

We interviewed Ayesha to chat about her childhood, community fundraising event experience and motivations behind her generous act.

Ayesha reflected that her favourite memories from childhood were being with her family and “listening to grandma’s stories,” she said.

Her motivation for holding a community fundraising event was inspired by her childhood, connection with her family and the organisation.

“I was motivated by my childhood experiences and fears. Also, since I became a grandma, I felt somewhat responsible too. I wanted to build awareness for the Foundation too”.

Despite the pandemic bringing many challenges, Ayesha brought hope to many people around her and raised an incredible amount for the Foundation. Ayesha mentioned her tips on how she raised the vital funds during the coronavirus uncertainty.

“Because it was still around the covid times, I only asked my family and few close friends. They were very supportive.”

Ayesha’s advice to people considering doing a community fundraising event is simple.

“Don’t get discouraged, you could start it with a small number. It’s a very worthy cause.”

We thank Ayesha so much for her support of Australian Childhood Foundation with her remarkable fundraising efforts.

Her gift means that we can support more children who have suffered violence, abuse and neglect once again feel joy, warmth and love.

If you're interested in raising funds for Australian Childhood Foundation, we have a dedicated space to help get you started.

You can choose to complete a challenge, host an event like Ayesha or raise funds in celebration of an occasion like your birthday. To make it super simple for you, you'll get your very own webpage to direct people to make online donations.

Click the link below to start fundraising.

If would like to contact Australian Childhood Foundation directly you can email or call us today.

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