BIG LOVE LIGHT Walk 2019 Radiates Melbourne CBD to Symbolise A Life-Changing Movement for Children

The Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF) joins forces with Melbourne Central and GPT foundation to host the Big Love Light Walk 2019, and inspire all to stride the city of Melbourne holding love lights in a powerful pursuit to defend children from family violence and abuse.

Did you know that every night, 46,000 children can’t sleep in their own beds because they are at risk of being abused or neglected? On a mission to combat just this, ACF support children who may endure family violence, as well as educate and empower communities to safeguard children and nurture their childhood. In a beautiful movement, the Big Love Light Walk - a major, public event for the community to come together and showcase their willingness to defend children from family violence. The walk participants will be holding sparkling love lights, in a twilight solidarity walk, before reaching Melbourne Central’s Shot Tower for the after-party celebration.

Initiated in 2017, Melbourne’s first Big Love Light Walk had participants walking along the Melbourne Yarra River. This year, ACF and Melbourne Central are taking the walk across the Melbourne CBD streets uniting the community as a force for good and helping to make a difference in the lives of children.

“In partnership with GPT and Melbourne Central we’re delighted to promote the Big Love Light walk. In 2017 the walk was initiated to celebrate children across our country. Through joining forces, we involve children in a community that truly values them, their childhood, and ensures their safety and protection. Over time we envisage thousands of walkers across Australia, signifying our campaign and importance of children,” says Dr. Joe Tucci, CEO of the Foundation.”

“The campaign is a natural fit for us - Melbourne Central host millions of Australians every year, enabling us to respond to community challenges on so many levels. We support credible causes with long term impact, focusing on youth at risk, mental health, homelessness, and child wellbeing. We’re privileged to raise awareness around the importance of childhood and prevent family violence through the Big Love Light Walk,” says Jaclyn Rowan, chair of the GPT Foundation.

Headlining the after-party at Melbourne Central’s Shot Tower is KIAN - an Australian born powerhouse voice with lyrical vulnerability and wisdom beyond his years. His hit single, ‘Waiting’, soared to the top of the Spotify charts in 2018, and will have KIAN step up to the microphone and deliver a performance upraising the Big Love Light Walk and Australian children. After witnessing an amazing performance by KIAN, the exclusive VIP celebrations continue with face art, an inflatable Instagramable photo booth, topped off with an epic heart shaped balloon drop under the cone.

Meet your friends and encourage them to join for there is strength in numbers, as participants stride through Melbourne with bright lights to hero children and support ACF.

All proceeds from the Big Love Light Walk 2019 will support the work of the Australian Childhood Foundation.

To learn more visit, www.biglovelight.org.au