Help us free children from trauma


This year, we move into our 30th year of helping children recover from abuse, neglect and family violence. This milestone comes at a critical time.

Australia’s awareness of the impacts of child abuse and family violence is growing.

The stories shared at the Royal Commission have shed new lights on the devastating, lifetime impact abuse can have on children and their families when there is no intervention and support.

But there is hope. The Foundation’s specialised approaches to prevention and recovery help transform the lives of children and those who care for them.

Sadly, an average of 833  reports of child abuse are filed in Australia every day. That’s more than one every two minutes.

As these numbers continue to grow, so does our need for support. Every dollar you donate helps us to provide ongoing counselling and support to children, their carers and families. Your ongoing support would not only help provide life-saving services for children; it would help create a community that prioritises children’s safety and care.

Donate by 30 June  to protect our most vulnerable children. Your donation is completely tax deductible.

Together, we can  continue to stand up for children. We can help them leave behind their fear, isolation and pain. We can work to ensure they have a childhood filled with love, laughter, dreams, imagination, play and hope – as every child should.


Specialist Centres for Children

We are working to create specialist child trauma recovery centres

We are working to build specialist child trauma recovery centres in Sydney and Hobart

Helping children to recover

Our specialist counselling centres help children to stop blaming themselves and to rediscover a sense of who they really are.