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"A just society advocates loudest for its most silenced, not for its most powerful."

- our CEO, Dr Joe Tucci

If you share this sentiment; if you're passionate about the protection of vulnerable children, we'd love you to join our movement for children.

We believe that campaigns have a shelf-life; they start, they create opportunities for education and awareness and and then they finish, and people move on to the next cause or issue. But a movement is more of a big-picture concept; it's about societal change that is ongoing and constantly evolving and gaining momentum and impact. It's not defined by how much air time it gets; it's people-powered; it's word of mouth, and it's about depth, not just breadth.

So in September 2014, we, with our patron Chris Hemsworth, launched #NotAnotherChild, a campaign to kickstart our grassroots movement for change in the way the safety and protection of children is perceived and prioritised in Australia. 

"A movement," says Joe, "is all about passion. It's about engaging people in a commitment to protect vulnerable children. For me, it's a bit like the start of a Mexican wave at the MCG ... we're trying to start a wave of communication, a wave of discussion that will carry the nation and say, 'child abuse needs to stop; all of us need to take some action to make sure that it does stop, and one child is one child too many.' Not another child should have to suffer."

Read more about how your passion can be turned into action here.

If you'd like to join us in our movement by becoming a campaigner for children, please register your interest in the form below and we'll get you started quick-smart:

Our Movement

Joe Tucci explains our movement for children

What's a movement and why do we want you to join ours?

All children deserve to be safe and cared for. We need to raise our voices and cry out for change. Break the silence please. It has to end.


I shouldn't have had to grow up in fear and feel violated.


As a survivor I hope we can all work together to stop abuse to children. They are tomorrow's future.


Childhood should be fun, and free from these terrible things that happen to kids.

Alec, 14

I so wish there had been someone like the Australian Childhood Foundation to help me when I was a child. I still struggle every day.


I love how the Foundation keeps children at the heart of its work.


I am so pleased to be able to support the Foundation and I urge everyone who cares about the safety of children to do the same.


If $25 a month helps I am happy to give it. I checked the Foundation out and I think it's a real support for children - keep up the good work!


I don't think I could do this job every day - it would be heartbreaking - but I'm glad the Foundation does.


Glad to support an organisation that tackles the issue of child abuse from all angles and is prepared to do the hard work.


We think donating to help an abused child to get their childhood back is worthwhile.

Isabelle and family

I have experienced first-hand the damage that abuse causes. It affects your whole life. Thankyou to the Foundation for making a difference.


Thank you! I am glad the Australian Childhood Foundation exists, otherwise where would these children find a voice and support?


I donated as a way of doing something for these children, and the Foundation seems to do a lot of the really tough work.


We need to keep childhood safe for everyone. This kind of trauma impacts not only on childhood, but on who we become as adults, too.

Mimi, 24

I am so glad you are bringing the issue of child abuse out of the shadows. Thankyou for speaking up.

Minh, 45

I am 15 and I think children need to be cared for and loved.


I hope that with the Royal Commission, people now start to hear what you have been saying for years - we adults must keep children safe.


I am glad the government has announced this Royal Commission; this is a big issue, and it needs a big commitment.


Children learn by example. Loving, caring parents raise loving, caring kids.

Tara, 16

I don't understand how some people could treat their children the way they do. That's why I'm happy to be a supporter of your Foundation.

Tess, 56

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