Taking part in the survey

We would like to invite adult survivors and all people with lived experiences of sexual abuse to join Emma in sharing your views and knowledge to keep children safe. Adults need to learn more about how to prevent sexual abuse and take stronger action to protect children. It is not up to children and young people to protect themselves.

Our anonymous and secure survey seeks feedback from adults with lived experience of child sexual abuse. It can be completed by adult survivors, their loved ones and professionals who have experience in supporting children, young people and adults who have experienced child sexual abuse. The survey should take about 15-20 minutes.

The questions include:

  • What do you wish you knew or were told before your abuse that may have been helpful to you?
  • At the time, what do you think that the adults around you did or could have done to protect or support you in the way you needed them to?
  • What made it easy or would have made it easier for you to be able to tell someone that the abuse was occurring at the time?
  • What would you want children to know if they found it hard to tell someone that the abuse was happening to them?
  • What are two really important things that you want all adults to know that will help protect children from sexual abuse?
  • What are two really important things that you want all children and young people to know about sexual abuse?
  • Looking back on what happened to you, what lessons have you learned that you would like to pass on to others?

We know that your experiences will have been painful, traumatic and maybe left you mistrusting, worried and fearful. So, if you decide to take part in this survey, we want to make sure you can feel safe enough to do so and know that if it brings up some strong feelings, we have help available for you

To do this we have put in place the following steps:

1. What you tell us is anonymous.  We do not record your name or other details.
2. You will be asked at the end if you want to take part in a follow-up confidential interview. Whether or not you participate in a follow-up interview is your choice. You do not have to agree to this invitation. You can still take part in the survey without having to take part in a follow-up interview.
3. You can write as much or as little as you want in your answers to the questions. Only tell us as much as you feel comfortable saying.
4. You don’t have to answer all the questions if you don’t want to – just the ones you feel OK about.  You can stop at any time. It’s OK to do that.
4. We won’t use what you tell us in a way that could identify you.  We will only ever use your answers in combination with the answers that others give us.
5. We understand that answering these questions may bring up things for you that you may want to talk to someone about. We have telephone helplines at the end of the survey if you need to talk to someone. There are people who can support you if you need some help.

The survey is not for children and young people. It is for adults who want to take part and believe they can do so safely. Eligible participants can start the survey and finish it any time. Not all the questions need to be answered. The survey is focused on questions about what each individual believes could make a difference to better protecting children and young people from abuse.

The survey will remain open until 11:59pm AEST 16 September. After the survey is closed, Emma and specialists from Australian Childhood Foundation ABN 28 057 044 514 will work together to turn these invaluable insights into freely available resources, training and campaigns that will empower and inform the whole of the community. A small group of adults with lived experience will also be involved in this part of the project. You can tell us that you would like to participate in that phase of the Project by letting us know at the end of the survey.

 This survey is for adults over the age of 18 – we are encouraging survivors, their families, friends, and supporters to participate where they feel safe and comfortable.

We cannot thank you enough for considering being part of Emma’s Project.

Survey terms and conditions can be found here.

Can others be involved in the project?

There are many ways for anyone to be involved.

You can spread awareness by sharing this campaign on social media or sign up to receive updates on the project.

You can also help promote the resources in your community when it is the right time.

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Need support?

If you are aware of a child who is being abused and is not safe, contact the Child Protection Services in your area or ring 000.

If you or someone you care about is living with the effects of sexual abuse and violence, there is information and support available. Visit the BlueKnot Foundation or ring them on 1300 657 380.
You can also contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636