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Thank you for considering becoming an Australian Childhood Foundation Trauma Recovery Team Supporter by agreeing to make a regular, monthly donation to help us continue our work with Australia’s most vulnerable children.

As a Trauma Recovery Team Supporter, you’ll be helping to ensure children get the specialised care and assistance they need to recover from the devastating impacts of trauma caused by abuse and neglect.

When you choose to join the team and commit to these children, you choose to help them reclaim their childhood.

Together, our work and your support will mean children who have felt so alone will no longer have to endure feelings of sadness, pain and terror on their own. They will now have people who care about them walking every step of the way with them on their journey to recovery, holding their hand, and keeping them safe.

Your kindness will enable our Trauma Recovery Teams – The Trauma Counselling Team, The Foster Care Trauma Team, the Residential Care Trauma Team, and the Trauma Training Team – to spend the time required travelling to family homes, supporting carers, meeting and working with school counsellors and teachers, educating and training professionals who work with traumatised children, and supporting the children themselves.

It will allow us to give continuing support to children through counselling plans, and will mean we can move children out of the uncertainty of waiting lists and into caring, supportive relationships that lead to their recovery.

“We hope you’ll join us in making the safety and recovery of traumatised children a priority, by joining me as a Trauma Recovery Team Supporter. I really believe that children who have endured so much pain and sadness should be helped to feel that they are not alone, and that they belong to a community that cares about them and wants them to be safe and happy. Together, through our support of the Trauma Recovery Team, we can help create meaningful change in the lives of so many Australian children.” Chris Hemsworth, Patron

“By becoming a Trauma Recovery Team Supporter, you’ll be helping the Australian Childhood Foundation continue its work to give a second chance at childhood to children who have lost so much. When children are helped to make sense of what’s happened to them, and to find care and support and love, they start to have hope for their own future, so please lend your support today.” Liam Hemsworth, ambassador

My prayers are with all of those affected by abuse, my thoughts, my love. #breakthesilence


As a 48 yr-old, I know how long it takes to heal: forever! To me, getting support as a youngster is needed and invaluable


I believe children should have a childhood. They need our attention and our support - that's why I am proud to be Patron of the Foundation.

Chris Hemsworth, Patron

As a victim, to see an organisation like this that I never knew existed, my goal is to get the word out. Much love to you all xx


I wish I had giant angel wings to protect all abused children & make them happy & safe ... please never give up on them.


If $25 a month helps I am happy to give it. I checked the Foundation out and I think it's a real support for children - keep up the good work!


We think donating to help an abused child to get their childhood back is worthwhile.

Isabelle and family

I have experienced first-hand the damage that abuse causes. It affects your whole life. Thankyou to the Foundation for making a difference.


Talking makes things a little better in my head. I feel empowered when I finish a session.

George (not real name)

I wish this had been around 30 years ago when I was a child. I still struggle to regain a childhood lost to family violence.


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