Help us build a healing home in Tasmania

It’s our goal to create Tasmania’s first community-funded, state-of-the-art child trauma centre; a safe place where children can rediscover their childhoods and leave behind the deep and damaging pain of abuse. 

Why are we creating a new centre in Tasmania?

Abuse and violation undermines the very core of children. It disconnects children from their feelings. It betrays their confidence in people. It stops them from being able to trust. The trauma of abuse isolates children. It is hard for them to depend on adults. The world feels unpredictable. It is not safe. They are forced to shut down in order to protect themselves and survive.

Children need safe places and the support of specialists who understand their experiences and can help them heal. Our specialist Child Trauma Centres are a safe place, where children can rediscover their childhood. They are supported to leave behind the deep and damaging pain of abuse, rebuild trust, and stop blaming themselves for what has happened to them. 

Get involved and help us build Tasmania's first community-funded specialist place of healing for traumatised children

Hill Street Grocer, our committed and passionate partner in Tasmania, is already leading the charge towards making our vision a reality. Apart from hosting with us the 2015 Gala Dinner at MONA on September 12, Hill Street is galvanising community support through its seven Tasmanian stores to help build this centre - brick by brick, room by room.  Donation boxes on their shop counters are collecting community donations that will go directly towards helping make our vision a reality.

So, what can you do?

Tasmanians, look for these donation boxes on Hill Street's shop counters and buy yourself a brick magnet - which will also buy us a real brick towards the building of our centre for healing!

  • Donate online, right here, right now.
  • Create a fundraising event of your own, or join an existing community event to raise funds to support our vision. It's nowhere near as tricky as you think. See the box on the right for more information, or download our very easy-to-use fundraising kit here.
  • Partner with us. Our partnerships with the Tasmanian Government, the Nikitaras family and Hill Street, and key supporters such as MONA, are the basis for launching the next stage of our plans for Tasmanian children out into the broader community. We are seeking partnerships with committed and energetic individuals and businesses who would like to join with us and help us achieve our vision for deeply hurt children.
  • Designers, architects, builders, carpenters and joiners, plumbers, electricians - we're looking for in-kind support! Can you spare some time to work on this project with us? Contact Dani Colvin in Hobart at - we'd love to hear from you!


A special place of healing

To unlock them from states of fear, vigilance and despair, traumatised children sensitive environments and relationships that are attuned to their very complex needs. Our Tasmanian Trauma Recovery Centre will provide this for our most vulnerable children. 

Support our vision

Thinking of fundraising to support our vision for Tasmanian children?

Cut your hair, run a marathon, climb a mountain, host a morning tea - the possibilities are only limited by your imagination - and it's so much simpler than you might think!

What do these centres do?

Helping children to recover

Our specialist counselling centres help children to stop blaming themselves and to rediscover a sense of who they really are.