There's no perfect recipe for bringing up children. But here's a place to start!


“Where else do you get time to think about why you parent in the way you do?”


The stresses experienced by parents can be enormous. Many feel judged, others feel isolated and alone. How often do we hear the lament ‘there are just not enough hours in the day!’  How easily we adults can feel frustrated with children for not adhering to our busy timelines, or for not understanding the pressure we are experiencing.  What sort of messages might we be giving children at these times about their importance in our lives?  How are these feelings influencing our words, actions and relationships with children?  How are these experiences influencing how children think about themselves?  

The Australian Childhood Foundation understands the pressures on parents today.  As a result, we developed the Bringing Up Great Kids Parenting Program. This innovative approach to parenting uses mindful reflection to support parents to:

- review and enhance their patterns of communication with their children; 

- promote more respectful interactions; and, 

- encourage the development of children's positive self-identity. 

The program aims to identify and address the sources of unhelpful and hurtful attitudes held by parents.  Parents are encouraged to explore and reflect upon messages they received from their own experience of being parented. It connects them to the evolution of their own parenting style and assists them to examine the messages they pass to their children through their behaviour, interactions and emotional responses. 

Parents are encouraged to ‘walk in their child’s shoes’, to understand their child’s emotional development and are supported to develop attentive communication skills with children. Parents also reflect upon and come to understand the meaning behind their children’s behaviour and develop an awareness of their own triggers. The program draws from child-centred and strengths-based perspectives, neurobiological development, attachment theory and narrative approaches.

Bringing Up Great Kids is now being used by parenting and family support professionals across Australia. Feedback from more than 1000 professionals rated Bringing Up Great Kids as innovative, adaptable, reflective, respectful, empowering, practical, user-friendly, evidenced-based and importantly, fun.  

When asked to compare Bringing Up Great Kids with other parenting programs, professionals say it is ’refreshing to find a program which is flexible rather than prescriptive’ and appreciated that it ‘gets parents thinking about how they parent instead of just responding.’ They also commented that, in contrast to many others, this program ‘looks at the causes of behaviour’ and ‘deals with feelings and emotions underneath the behaviour.’

Most importantly, the program makes a real difference for parents. Thousands of parents across the country have participated in the Bringing Up Great Kids program and talk about the positive changes the program has made in their lives.


"   I feel calmer, more confident, less self-critical.  I feel more in control rather than like things are spiralling out of control.” Parent

"This course is unravelling me. I never imagined that this could happen. Its amazing - so many things are changing with my kids." Parent

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