We believe‚Ķ 

that pursuing knowledge and understanding, and sharing what we learn, gives children the very best chance of recovery.

" To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science." Albert Einstein, physicist

The Australian Childhood Foundation has a deeply embedded culture of learning; so that we can truly represent the needs of children, we are relentless in our pursuit of knowledge and greater understanding of the ways in which abuse and neglect cause them harm.

This is where we believe that the Australian Childhood Foundation makes a meaningful difference. We use a knowledge-sharing approach to invigorate thinking and to create change in the way traumatised children are cared for. We share with health, education and welfare professionals our understanding of the ways trauma can affect children’s developing brains and is held in the responses of their bodies.

We work to empower, support and protect children and their carers by translating that evidence base into practical, beneficial applications. We help the significant adults in traumatised children's lives to make sense of the very special needs of those children, and assist them to implement proven care strategies that effectively support children towards recovery.

The work we do is hopeful and helpful, because although the brain is most vulnerable to harm in childhood, it is also at its most pliable, and so has the greatest potential for healing.

Of the children who are referred to us at the Foundation:

52% suffer from severe anxiety
14% have had suicidal thoughts
64% have explosive anger 
36% have destroyed property
27% have physically hurt another person
32% have physically hurt themselves

Understanding the nature and effect of the trauma that these children continue to experience, and knowing how to meet their needs in a therapeutic way – helping them begin to heal – can be challenging even for the most experienced of professionals working with children and families.

However, for more than seven years, the Australian Childhood Foundation has been developing and delivering professional development programs that empower, educate and inspire those working with traumatised children to look at the world through the eyes of each child, and to re-think their own responses and decision-making. Our workshops and seminars offer insight into the trauma that lies behind the behaviours, along with practical strategies for meeting the needs for healing that those behaviours represent.

We provide training to more than 7,000 Australian and international professionals in the health, welfare, education and justice systems each year, as well as to out-of-home carers including foster carers. The training and education programs are delivered through a national training calendar of workshops and seminars – generally between 60 and 70 per year in every state and territory of Australia – as well as international guest speaker tours, customised training requested by and tailored for specific organisations, and our SMART program for school-based staff.

92% of schools report that they are clearer about how to respond to traumatised children as a result of their involvement with the Foundation.



As a mother of a 2-year-old boy it absolutely breaks my heart to know that children are being treated in this way...


I thank the Foundation for their contribution to children's safety & hope others donate to this most important cause


I believe children should have a childhood. They need our attention and our support - that's why I am proud to be Patron of the Foundation.

Chris Hemsworth, Patron

I wish this had been around 30 years ago when I was a child. I still struggle to regain a childhood lost to family violence.


Glad to support an organisation that tackles the issue of child abuse from all angles and is prepared to do the hard work.


As a victim, to see an organisation like this that I never knew existed, my goal is to get the word out. Much love to you all xx


I am so glad you are bringing the issue of child abuse out of the shadows. Thankyou for speaking up.

Minh, 45

I'm Brazilian and I follow the Foundation's work from afar; think it's heavenly. Wish I could, one day, do what you guys do

Larissa Adur, 17

I have seen this first-hand.The outcome was utterly devastating. No more children need to go through this. We need to speak up for them.


Talking makes things a little better in my head. I feel empowered when I finish a session.

George (not real name)

I have experienced first-hand the damage that abuse causes. It affects your whole life. Thankyou to the Foundation for making a difference.


I so wish there had been someone like the Australian Childhood Foundation to help me when I was a child. I still struggle every day.


I wish I had giant angel wings to protect all abused children & make them happy & safe ... please never give up on them.


Protecting children is something we can all do.


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