A Movement for Children

Children who have experienced the trauma of abuse and violence need their community to look out for them, and look after them. They cannot be safe and feel safe without a community prepared to act, to understand and to acknowledge the true extent of the issue in Australia.

Children are still being hurt every day. With one new report of abuse, neglect or family violence every two minutes, we know that no town, city or community is immune from this tragedy.

More than 40 000 children and young people cannot sleep in their own beds tonight for fear of being abused or neglected.

That's why we are turning to you for help.

We need you to join our movement for change. At the Foundation, we are working to create a groundswell of social change that revolutionises the way we as a community perceive and prioritise the issue of child abuse. We want to foster confidence and the willingness to act to make and keep children safe.

Our children will need you to learn more and do more about the problem of child abuse and family violence.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with our plans to make this movement really take off.

You can become a campaigner for protecting children in your local community. Join us by clicking here - Become a Campaigner for Children. You will be able to connect your family, friends and colleagues to ways that we can all act collectively to tackle the problem of child abuse and make sure that not another child has to suffer.

It is so important to us and the children who rely on our services for you to support us and raise awareness, raise funds and be willing to take action when a child is being hurt or abused.

These vulnerable children are our children and they need our commitment to protect them. 

It's time for Australians to put our money and our politics behind our precious children and young people.

Karen W

Childhood should be fun, and free from these terrible things that happen to kids.

Alec, 14

If $25 a month helps I am happy to give it. I checked the Foundation out and I think it's a real support for children - keep up the good work!


I am so glad you are bringing the issue of child abuse out of the shadows. Thankyou for speaking up.

Minh, 45

I so wish there had been someone like the Australian Childhood Foundation to help me when I was a child. I still struggle every day.


I have seen this first-hand.The outcome was utterly devastating. No more children need to go through this. We need to speak up for them.


I believe children should have a childhood. They need our attention and our support - that's why I am proud to be Patron of the Foundation.

Chris Hemsworth, Patron

I look back at my own childhood as a great time, and it's heartbreaking to know not everyone can do that.


I donated as a way of doing something for these children, and the Foundation seems to do a lot of the really tough work.


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Alarming Facts

In Australia, more than 40,500 children cannot sleep in their own beds because of fears for their safety