Support for parents and carers

we live in a time of rapid change. Children and young people are growing up in a world very different from the world their parents grew up in. It is normal for parents to feel stressed out sometimes.

Some of the many stresses on parents these days include:
  • having to live away from supportive family and friends 
  • financial pressures 
  • feeling isolated and alone at home and unable to get out and socialise 
  • not enough time in the day, too many things to do 
  • feeling tired or unwell 
  • illnesses of children or other family members 
  • other family responsibilities 
  • little time for yourself 
  • the normal demands of children growing up

Being a parent can be one of the most complex and difficult tasks some of us ever do, as well as the most rewarding. Sometimes parents find the demands of parenting very difficult. No parent is perfect and all parents need help at some time.

If you are having a problem with parenting, you are not the only one and you do not have to deal with it alone. All parents need support. Every parent makes mistakes and learns through experience. Mistakes only count if you keep repeating them. Appreciate that parenting has its ups and downs and accept that this is normal.

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Finding support

Some things you can do when you are finding your children's behaviour difficult:

  • talk about your stresses and problems with other parents you know, neighbours and relatives you trust 
  • speak to your doctor, local health worker or child health nurse
  • ask for advice about normal behaviour in children 
  • enquire about parenting courses or parent support groups in your area 
  • ask about family support services 
  • ring a parenting line in your state 

Don't let it get worse. If you feel you may hurt, or have hurt your child, it is important that you seek immediate assistance. STOP what you are doing.THINK about how you and your child are affected by what is happening. DO something to change things. GET SUPPORT to make the changes. 

Seeking support and assistance can take courage. Taking this step, however, is critical for you and your child. Seeking support and assistance reflects:

  • your love for your child 
  • your ability to appreciate there is a problem 
  • your desire for things to be different for your family 
  • your commitment to working towards changing things for the better.

Speak to someone you trust and feel can help you.Things can change for the better for you and your family. It is up to you to take the next step.