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The Australian Childhood Foundation is fortunate to have the support of high profile individuals who are all deeply passionate about the safety of children and their right to a childhood free from the devastation of abuse, neglect and family violence.

We rely on our valued patrons and ambassadors to draw attention to one of Australia's most critical social problems, and we are deeply grateful for their tireless commitment to helping us to promote respect, safety and love for all children. We hope you will join them and us.

  • Chris Hemsworth - Our Patron

    To many, he is known for his roles in movies such as Thor, The Avengers, Snow White and the Huntsman and Red Dawn, but to us at the Australian Childhood Foundation, Chris Hemsworth’s most appreciated role is that of committed and proud patron.

  • Eddie Betts

    We are delighted and excited to announce and welcome Adelaide Football Club star Eddie Betts as our newest ambassador.

  • Clint Newton

    We are thrilled to announce and welcome Clint Newton, the Chair and General President of the Rugby League Players Association (RLPA) as the newest ambassador to join the Foundation.

  • Liam Hemsworth

    With movies such as romantic drama The Last Song, the smash hit The Hunger Games and the action extravaganza The Expendables 2 under his belt, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth is tasting the kind of success other actors only dream about.

  • Eric And Rebecca Bana

    “For many of us, Australia is a wonderful place to live. But when almost 40,000 of our children are not able to sleep in their own beds at night because it’s so incredibly unsafe for them to do so, and when there is one report of abuse al...

  • Nadine Garner

    Nadine is a much-awarded and lauded veteran of Australian (and UK) film, television and stage, as both an actor and director. Her more recent TV series include City Homicide and The Doctor Blake Mysteries and she received four nominations (winning tw...

  • Stefan Dennis

    "I am so passionate about protecting children and as a father I know just how critical the commitment of all of us to make a difference really is," says actor Stefan Dennis.

  • Carolyn Creswell

    Carman’s founder Carolyn Creswell is an inspirational leader whose success proves that you can run a multinational business and still love what you do and have a genuine work-life balance.

  • John Xintavelonis

    John has enjoyed an extensive career in corporate entertainment, stage, radio and television in his home state of Tasmania, for more than 20 years.

  • Casey Burgess

    Actor, musician and blogger Casey Burgess tackles her role as ambassador for the Australian Childhood Foundation with the same energy and enthusiasm she applies to her work.

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Where does your money go?

We work hard to ensure that your donation is directed towards helping children's recovery and raising awareness to keep children safe.


Recent Donations

Childhood should be fun, and free from these terrible things that happen to kids.

Alec, 14

I love how the Foundation keeps children at the heart of its work.


If $25 a month helps I am happy to give it. I checked the Foundation out and I think it's a real support for children - keep up the good work!


I don't think I could do this job every day - it would be heartbreaking - but I'm glad the Foundation does.


I have loving parents, and I really feel sad for children who have not had the support and love I have.

Isabella 17

We think donating to help an abused child to get their childhood back is worthwhile.

Isabelle and family

I have experienced first-hand the damage that abuse causes. It affects your whole life. Thankyou to the Foundation for making a difference.


Thank you! I am glad the Australian Childhood Foundation exists, otherwise where would these children find a voice and support?


I have fostered many children and it makes such a difference to supporting a child when you get real help.


I donated as a way of doing something for these children, and the Foundation seems to do a lot of the really tough work.


We need to keep childhood safe for everyone. This kind of trauma impacts not only on childhood, but on who we become as adults, too.

Mimi, 24

I am 15 and I think children need to be cared for and loved.


I hated counselling at first, but it helped a lot and still does. I am not as angry.

Simon, 17

I am glad the government has announced this Royal Commission; this is a big issue, and it needs a big commitment.


Children learn by example. Loving, caring parents raise loving, caring kids.

Tara, 16

I don't understand how some people could treat their children the way they do. That's why I'm happy to be a supporter of your Foundation.

Tess, 56

I believe children should have a childhood. They need our attention and our support - that's why I am proud to be Patron of the Foundation.

Chris Hemsworth, Patron

Protecting children is something we can all do.


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The Invisible Campaign

The Invisible campaign was taken to the streets to highlight the importance of community vigilance so that child neglect does not go unnoticed.


Eric's message

Our patron Eric Bana lent his voice to this campaign to highlight the role that all adults need to play in keeping children safe from harm