Mission & Vision

Our Vision

 All children are safe from the trauma of abuse, violence and neglect.

Our Mission

The mission of the Australian Childhood Foundation is to:

  • apply the evidence from neuroscience to help children heal from the hurt of abuse and neglect;
  • promote and build stable and secure relationships for all children;
  • work in partnership to have a collective impact on the lives of traumatised children and families;
  • be relentless in advocating for the needs of children; and
  • educate and empower communities to safeguard children.

Our impact

How we have helped

We cannot do what we do without the support of the community. Learn how, together, we made a difference in children's lives in 2015

We are responsible for the healthy and shining future of children. #notanotherchild


Childhood is the most sacred and magical time of ones life. No child deserves to have that taken away by abuse or neglect.


Every child has the right to be cherished, loved, a part of something special.


Having grown up in conditions like these children I think it is beautiful that this foundation exists and I urge everyone to support it.


I wish I had giant angel wings to protect all abused children & make them happy & safe ... please never give up on them.


Protecting children is something we can all do.


I'm Brazilian and I follow the Foundation's work from afar; think it's heavenly. Wish I could, one day, do what you guys do

Larissa Adur, 17

I hated counselling at first, but it helped a lot and still does. I am not as angry.

Simon, 17

Some mothers & fathers need help and understanding


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